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The company provides a complete Mechanical Service, from inception of projects to completion as per specifications. It involves Designing, Planning, Project Management, Construction Supervision and Documentation in different areas where equipment is installed.

We specialise in repairs of complete Mechanical Infrastructure i.e. HVAC. Equipment is Designed, Supplied and Installed as per specification from the client. We have experienced, skilled and dedicated employees.

1. Bulk Electricity Supply

2. Electrical Supplies, Installations & Maintenance

3. Air Conditioning & Ventilation Installation

4. Security Systems

5. Supply & Installation of Generators

6. Building & Civil Works

7. Low voltage (LV), high voltage (HV) and underground reticulation.

8. Urban and Rural Reticulation and Electrification.

9. Industrial Power Distribution.

10. Electrical Distribution and Lighting Installations.

11. Sub Stations, Mini-Substations and Protection.

12. Steam Reticulation and Hot Water Generation
Fastmove Electrical

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